1.We are

We help develop and enhance sales, optimize production processes, speed up implementation of new technologies and teach value-added selling.

2.We approach your business with viability studies

Targeting new markets and widening your other application offer and guiding the implementation of new technologies.

3.We strengthen weaknesses through technical training

Optimization and departmental management, customer orientation, training sales and marketing processes and customized training according to your needs within the sector.

We are in direct contact with technology leaders from the industry, the economic environment and market trends to offer solutions for now and the future.




Whatever your printing system is: offset, flexo, digital printing, gravure, screen, etc. Whatever your main application is: labels, sleeve, carton, folding carton, catalogues, books, brochures and stationery, sign & display, etc. We help you position, redirect and be more competitive.



We differentiate to add value, to take advantage of new technologies and to be a close link to your client.



Learn more about the printing process, to speed up design time, create final artwork, develop virtual environments with real designs, etc.



How to reduce the time-to-market, learn the graphic production process to avoid errors and misunderstandings, the possibilities and limitations of current technology, creating virtual environments, etc.

If you
want to
improve your
business WE CAN

If you could get more out of your equipment than what you are getting from it right now.

If improving your business is a priority for you.

If targeting new markets and widening your other application offer is an option you are considering.

If you would like to add value and a differential service.


Our method is based on planning goals, defining strategies, implementation and timing, monitoring and measuring the results. These steps allow us to guarantee an increase in customers, higher revenue and therefore more profits. We help reduce the ROI time expected. We guide the positioning of your business to get successful results. Optimize your production process to minimize time, errors and misunderstandings. We guide you to increase the customer satisfaction.


We have 18 years of experience in the industry, growing professionally with the leading vendors in the printing industry - Agfa, Kodak, Esko, Optimus - by learning and analysing the strategies that have been tested in the most technologically advanced countries and we adapt them and apply them to the national market. We conduct trainings, analysis and implementation of business growth, process optimization, department management, and retrieval based on customer satisfaction goals. Our constant contact with technology suppliers is the key to ensure our current activity focused on meeting your needs.

Our professional journey has made us who we are and given us our name and we want to help you reach your PODIUM.

Eugenia Alvarez
+34 609372435 podium@podium.graphics
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